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Secret basement in Prague.

Home Theatre Škripzikl (Croatian: "Kućni teatar Škripzikl") is a small travelling theatre company in which actors and musicians different backgrounds found themselves in a collaboration. They are specialised for playing at private homes and flats.

Their performances combine non-verbal theatre with music based on live acoustic, electronic music, or various creaky and crunchy sounds. To this music actors perform pantomime, grotesque and clowns miniatures which are an hommage to vaudeville and silent film from the beginning of the twentieth century on the one side, and to surrealism, science fiction and black humour on the other. All of these elements combine into a kind of cabaret (including clowning, stand up, live statues, grotesque poetry etc.).

Roof in Paris (secret unknown place!)

On top of the tree in Berlin.

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